Monday, November 12, 2012

Big Dog-Big Heart

Tess took her doggie treat and hid in the bushes to enjoy it all by herself.

One of the CAN volunteers spoke to a lady who told her she had a dog living in her barn. Tess, a Newfoundland,  and her brother used to live together,but Tess' brother passed away. She said he died two years ago and explained Tess was old, couldn't hold her bladder anymore so she put her in a stall in the barn to 'live' but really to die.  She left Tess alone and abandoned in a horse stall. 

Tess is a Newfoundland. This is such a wonderful breed, known to rescue humans in distress, great swimmers, surely working dogs. But Tess was just waiting to die. She had no visits or love pats, just necessary food and water.

Tess enjoying the sunshine.
The volunteer was able to convince the lady that CAN had a great home for Tess if she would give her up. Of course, that was really not true but the volunteer could not leave Tess to have a forgotten life. She called Michele, CAN's President and told her Tess's story. Michele said 'yes' please bring her here. Michele knew it would be next to impossible to place Tess. No one was calling CAN to adopt an old, abandoned large dog with matted hair, who was overweight and had possible tumors. 

Our CAN volunteer brought her directly to our groomer, "Furry Friends Gentle Pet Grooming" in Canton.  When she arrived there, it was unsure if she was matted or may have tumors, so it was suggested she be taken directly to the vet.  We contacted our vet who allowed us to bring her in immediately.  The vet examined her and determined the "tumors" all over her were matted hair and suggested Tess's fur be shaved.  Poor Tess had been living with matted hair pulling on her skin. It must have really hurt but she was kind though it all. While at the vet's office, tests were run to see why she was so grossly overweight and if there was anything medical that needed immediate attention.  Tess was diagnosed with a thyroid condition causing her obesity in turn making it hard for her to breathe especially in the hot weather.  She also had an eye infection, ear infection, skin infection and urinary tract infection.  The veterinarian prescribed treatment for all Tess's conditions and she is improving.

 We do have to keep her on cranberry pills to keep her from getting a recurring urinary tract infection. She is also on thyroid medication and is slowly losing weight. She weighed 135, now about 120. She needed to go back to the vets office to adjust her thyroid medication. Michele put her in her car and drove the 10 miles to the vets office and Tess moved to the floor of the back seat. She actually was stuck in the car. It took Michele and 2 vet techs to get her unstuck. Her next visit to the vet was in an ambulance, really a horse trailer. Sometime, you gotta do what you gotta do! 

Michele helping Tess in the horse trailer.
She rode well and entered and exited with ease. 

Yes, Tess is available for adoption. Right now, she is living with Michele and several other rescue dogs.  It will take a special person who will even consider adopting Tess. She only has a limited time on earth but she deserves love. She never did anything wrong. I can only hope someone will care enough to lover her. For now, Michele will give her the care and the love she needs. She may be with Michele until she crosses the Rainbow Bridge. 

You are a compassionate person who cares. If you can't adopt, you can still help Tess. 
If you'd like to make a donation to go towards Tess' care, please see the Paypal link at the top right of the blog. Thank you so much!