Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Behind The Scenes: Act Four: The Right Place At The Right Time

It was a normal Monday, April 29th 2013.  I, Cindy Lisk, CAN groomer and foster home, was driving a coworker home from work at approximately 9 pm.  A pick-up truck pulling a trailer was in front of me.  We were in Waleska near highways 140 and 108 when suddenly I saw a dog go flying through the air.  The truck kept going and never even slowed down. I was mortified.

Naturally, I pulled over immediately to offer assistance to the dog. We found her lying on the side of the road; obviously she was the dog that was hit.  She was trembling but seemed very friendly.  She looked to be a young adult black lab mix.  My coworker and I carefully carried her to my car and took her straight to our emergency vet’s office.  As soon as I got her in the car and turned on the light, I saw the huge gash in her right side.  Once arriving at the vet, x-rays were taken.  She was found to have a fractured pelvis, her bladder was unable to be seen and the status of her lungs was unclear. 

They sutured her up with 30 or more staples and put in a drain tube.  The vet decided to keep her overnight to keep her sedated to control pain and swelling.  She did well through the night and seemed to be holding her own.  At lunchtime, “Ciara” began struggling to breathe.  The vet called me immediately and stated they thought one or both of her lungs were probably collapsed or crushed.  After another series of x-rays the lungs were determined to be severely compromised and there was also a question of damage to her trachea/windpipe. 

After hours of fluids, she still had not urinated and her abdomen was becoming distended; it was obvious her bladder was no longer functioning.   After all receiving this information, the vet and I decided the most humane thing was to let her go in peace.  She was still wagging her tail and happy to be petted and loved on to the very last minute.  Her head lay on my lap as she crossed quietly and softly without any struggle to the rainbow bridge.  I on the other hand was crying wishing we could have saved her.  Yes it hurts but I am glad I was there to see her through her transition to her next life and she didn't sit on the side of the road and suffer.  I firmly believe God puts us where we need to be to serve His purpose not ours.  As hard as it can be at times and tears my heart to pieces, I still love rescue and never see that changing.

As I would wish for myself and my loyal companion, we searched diligently and found the owner of "Ciara."  We told them what had happened,  they didn't ask any further questions or thanks, just an "okay." We left feeling so sad and empty for Ciara, but our hearts were happy we were there for her "at the right place, at the right time." 

Ciara’s emergency vet bill was $928.00 for a dog I did not know.  Please open your heart to this sweet girl and help us cover her expenses.  We appreciate your support.