Friday, February 28, 2014

Oodles of Poodles and Then Some...

Our Special Dogs

Guess I should rephrase that, all our dogs are special, but these have some special needs.  Our first is Pepper.

     Pepper came to us about a year ago from a rural North Georgia shelter.  She is about ten-years-old and weighs about 12 pounds.  She is heartworm positive.  Due to her age, our vets recommended we treat her with Heartgard and retest her in the future.  Pepper is due to have her teeth cleaned and a heartworm test within the next week or two.

If you would like to sponsor Pepper's teeth cleaning for $165, please make a donation.  Thank you.

   This little man, renamed Dash, is a five pound poodle who as you may recall came to us just recently from our vet in Canton. The owners turned him in as they could not care for him and our vets asked if we would help.  He was a matted mess and has an old injury to his right eye. He was anemic and we are awaiting blood tests soon to see if he is strong enough to undergo surgery very soon.

If you would like to sponsor this little boy, please make a donation. Thank you.

    Rosie is a senior who came to us from a rural animal control east of Atlanta. She was labeled as a poodle but is a mix. Rosie is precious, delightful and easy to care for. She gets her little bursts of energy, but likes to lounge on the lanai during the nice times of the day along with her foster brothers and sisters.  After vet check she has a thyroid condition,and is on medication, and doing well. Rosie is available for adoption.

If you would like to adopt this sweet little girl Rosie, please contact us at

    This is Tess, the newfoundland senior who was bannished to the barn "to die" in the heat of last summer.  One of our volunteers rescued her.  She lives with a dozen or so other dogs is a happy camper.

Occasionally we take Tess to Furry Friends Gentle Pet Grooming in Woodstock for her spa day.  Tess has arthritis and has a hard time getting in and out of a car, so we use a horse trailer to make it easier for her.  She will remain one of our sanctuary dogs.