Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Behind the Scenes: 
Act Three:  Charlotte

Charlotte came to us just two months ago from Cherokee County animal control. 
This 12-year-old wirehaired dachshund that had obviously produced many litters of money making-pups for her owner had been turned her in to animal control because they were "moving and could not take her along."   Well, here we go again...pulling at our heartstrings.  We again asked ourselves, "who is going to adopt or rescue at 12-year-old dog"...not many people - well really probably no one, so Maria, CAN's die-hard animal rescuer, went to animal control and told them we would take Charlotte.
MARIA RECALLS: "Charlotte settled in my home and surprisingly made a huge impression.  She decided it was her responsibility to mother and school one of our young pups.  She also became an effective and surprisingly loud watch dog, and enjoyed patrolling the front yard.  She also seemed to enjoy helping with the horses at feeding time.  Even though she was with us such a short time, I truly  believe she was comfortable and happy in her last home, my home, knowing she was so loved as wise seniors dogs should be and pampered. 
With no previous signs of illness, Charlotte suddenly appeared disoriented and a little different last night.  She always sleeps on a pillow on my bed, and usually settles down to sleep before I go to bed, but last night I had to lift her onto the bed. I sensed something was wrong.  I watched and wondered what to do, but she settled quietly on her pillow.  I laid next to her as I always do settling in for the evening.  I stroked her and sang her a sweet lullaby, and she gently passed to the Rainbow Bridge.  We lost our sweet Charlotte December 11, 2012, at 10:32 pm.  
Sweet Dreams, Sweet Charlotte, until we meet again.  All my love, Maria"


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